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SMS Auto Reply Apk Download |Auto Reply Text Message Apk Download

SMS Auto Reply Apk Download | Auto Reply Text Message Apk Download

SMS Auto Reply – automatic reply with content/sms message to INCOMING TEXTS when you are occupied, away, in a gathering, in school, in the midst of some recreation, on leave, out of office. And furthermore while you are driving, viewing a film, dozing, or exactly when you would lean toward not to be aggravated.

SMS auto reply apk download |  Auto Reply Text Message App

Would you like to make the most of your vacation without getting exasperates constantly? Set effectively automatic answers messages on your mobile phone for any event and don’t be bothered any more when you’re occupied or away. You can pick between an expounded answer or essentially a short answer as “content me later”.

Design various automatic answers with customized messages and catchphrase blends for messages got on celebrations and different events.

Setup various profiles for content/SMS auto reply (one for driving, one for resting, one for class and so forth).

Features OF SMS Auto Reply

✔ Customize reply messages

✔ Personalized rundown – individuals whom you need to auto reply with customized message

✔ Reply just to customized list

✔ Don’t Auto Reply list – a rundown of individuals whose writings/sms, you won’t reply to

✔ auto reply to writings/sms just of your contacts

✔ auto reply to writings/sms just of non-contacts

✔ Set ringer mode to quiet amid sms auto reply mode

✔ Set vibrate mode to quiet amid sms auto reply mode

✔ Each profile have its own settings (vibrate for gathering, absolutely quiet while resting and so forth)

✔ Recurring auto reply content initiated at a particular day and time on a planned premise.

✔ Option to set time, weekdays, rehash week by week

✔ Send just a single reaction to a similar contact amid auto replay mode

✔ Archive of sent instant messages

✔ Uses essentially no battery control, CPU time and RAM

✔ Widget – short information + pointer

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