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Magic Fluids Apk Download | Latest Version


Magic Fluids Apk Download | Latest Version – Apk Spin

Magic Fluids is an unwinding, beautiful illustration application that will enable you to quiet down and assuage pressure, or be imaginative and make tasteful computerized craftsmanship. It depends on calculations of liquid stream reproduction and highlights liquid (quip untented!), excellent designs. It is the best time squanderer!

Contact THE SCREEN and appreciate spellbinding movement of liquid whirls moving around, now and then moderate, tranquil and rich, different occasions dynamic, fulfilling and tippy.

Quiet DOWN AND RELAX as you draw and watch tranquil streams advance in space and in the end settle down into beautiful examples. Magic Fluids will enable you to rest, ponder, reestablish harmony, assuage pressure and tension.

Magic Fluids Apk Download | Latest Version

GET CREATIVE and, with a dash of your finger, enliven beautiful examples of paint and particles. On the off chance that you like theoretical computerized workmanship or acrylic pour painting, you’ll cherish Magic Fluids! You can make great eye-getting plans that resemble twirls, cosmic systems, fluid, fire, light, smoke, magma and considerably more!

KEEP YOUR KIDS BUSY – they want to doodle and watch the liquid move around! We trust that Magic Fluids can likewise assist youngsters with nervousness, chemical imbalance and tangible issues.

DOODLE ON YOUR HOME SCREEN – Magic Fluids apk works can be utilized as a Live Wallpaper just as a customary application.

Key features of Magic Fluids:

  • Highly configurable liquid conduct and look
  • Over 30 setup presets – in case you’re sluggish
  • You can spare your own presets
  • Multitouch controls
  • Smoke (gas) and water (fluid) movement
  • Thousands of particles moving with the liquid
  • Multiple shading modes
  • Special impacts like gleam and surfaces
  • You can delay the activity whenever and spare screen captures
  • You can utilize Magic Fluids as a customary application or as a Live Wallpaper
  • Highly upgraded, various quality settings for wide scope of gadgets .

To dispatch the live backdrop mode on most recent Android gadgets, if it’s not too much trouble utilize the official Google “Backdrops” application. Magic Fluids will appear in the Live Wallpapers class.

Liquid activity in your pocket! Contact the screen and make lovely movement of beautiful smoke and water. Quiet down and unwind as you watch tippy, enchanted twirls of streaming hues. Get aesthetic and plan imaginative, fulfilling examples of paint and particles.


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