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Zoho People - HR Management

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Zoho People - HR Management Zoho People - HR Management Zoho People - HR Management Zoho People - HR Management Zoho People - HR Management Zoho People - HR Management Zoho People - HR Management Zoho People - HR Management

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January 24, 2024
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Welcome to Zoho People, the ultimate cloud-based HR management app that simplifies and streamlines your HR processes. Whether you're an HR professional, a manager, or an employee, Zoho People has everything you need to make HR tasks a breeze.
Key features

Employee self-service: Empower your employees to manage their own HR tasks, from requesting time off to viewing payslips and updating personal information.

Attendance tracking: Enable employees to check in and out from their mobile devices through facial recognition, or native home screen widgets. If you have a field or remote workforce, Zoho People enables location tracking with spoof detection, along with geo and IP restrictions. Even if employees forget to clock time, they can always regularize attendance in a click of a button with appropriate approvals.

Leave management: Efficiently manage leave requests, approvals, and accruals. Customize leave policies like on-duty, casual leave, sick leave, leave grant and more to fit your organization's needs.

Performance management: Set and track performance goals, conduct appraisals, and provide continuous feedback to your team members.

Time tracking: Accurately capture billable and non-billable hours, generate timesheets, manage approvals, and monitor project timelines with our time tracking and project management features.

eNPS surveys: Make it easy for employees to view, create, and participate in employee Net Promoter Score surveys.

Case management: Give your employees a quickly accessible window to submit their questions and grievances, track the case status, and resolve them as soon as possible.

Task management: Create, assign, organize and track tasks, and keep everyone and every process on track.

Learning management system (LMS): Empower your workforce to learn on the go, attend online sessions, and complete training with a smooth experience.

Security and compliance: Rest easy knowing your HR data is secure with robust security measures and compliance features.

Files: Organize and share important documents, policies, and more, ensuring easy access to critical resources along with e-signing options.

Forms: Create and manage customizable forms, and enable seamless data collection and approvals through the mobile application.

Employee Directory: Access a comprehensive employee directory for easy communication and collaboration within your organization.

Feeds: Stay updated with real-time activity feeds that keep employees informed about important events, milestones, and changes.

Announcements: Broadcast company-wide announcements and news, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Chatbot: Zia, Zoho's AI assistant helps you perform your regular tasks, seamlessly. Checking in and out for the day, applying for timeoff, raising a case or viewing the list of holidays or tasks, our chatbot makes life simple for you.

Security: Zoho People provides an app lock feature so that employees can keep their sensitive information like personal details, hours worked, timesheets, etc safely.

Why choose Zoho People?

With Zoho People, you can transform your HR department into a strategic powerhouse, reduce administrative overhead, and create a more engaged and productive workforce.

Download the Zoho People app today and experience the future of HR management. Say goodbye to manual paperwork, spreadsheets, and endless email threads, and say hello to a more efficient, collaborative, and connected HR experience.

Join 30,000+ businesses worldwide who trust Zoho People to manage their HR processes effectively. Get started now!

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