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WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant text messaging platforms. If you're looking for a platform in order to share your thoughts and ideas with your loved ones, friends, and families then there is nothing like WhatsApp. Make sure to download the application, install the application, register a free account, and start sharing anything you want.

WhatsApp has over 2 billion users and over 5 billion downloads. Make sure to start using the platform right now. If you want to share your thoughts and ideas with the help of text messages, media files like images and videos and can even share the documents like PDF, PPT, WORD, TEXT, etc. then there is nothing like WhatsApp. WhatsApp integrated tons of other features as well. You can now do audio and video calls and can even share anything with the help of audio messages as well.

You can even do conference calls and can connect with up to 8 people at a time and still the best part of the application is that it's FREE.

WhatsApp has now loaded so many features, still, need more. Well, our greed never ends and in today's technological world we need more privacy and more control. WhatsApp gives control but not that much as these MODDED applications will.

In this article, I'm gonna share with you one of the best WhatsApp MOD that you can download right now is GBWhatsApp DELTA.

As I already wrote a comprehensive post on GBWhatsApp. If you still not read the post, make sure to reach the post and read it carefully. Once you'll read the post then you can come back and start reading this as well.

Before downloading the GBWhatsApp Delta, you should aware of some of the features and everything you need to know about the application. Make sure to carefully read the article in order to read the things to the fullest.

What is GBWhatsApp DELTA:

GBWhatsApp DELAT, as I already explained is another great WhatsApp MOD that you can start using right now. First, you need to download the APK from the third-party website, as you'll not get the application on the official store. Once you'll download the APK, now, you need to install the file and need to open it. Now, you have two options either you can create an account or you can register to a pre-existing account.

Make sure, this application is also developed by the same developer who develops the GBWhatsApp.

Now, the question is why you need to download and install this APK. Well, the answer to this question is the FEATURES that GBWhatsApp DELTA is offering. Make sure to stay with me and I'll discuss some of the features that you should aware of.

Features you need to keep in mind:

Now, I'm gonna share with you the features of the GBWhatsApp DELTA. Make sure to stay with me and read the article carefully in order to get a detailed explanation of the features. These features will; make you decide whether you should download and install it or not.

- You can download any sticker applications available on the PlayStore and it's suitable for all the applications.

- When you'll forward any text messages, media files, or anything then you have an option to remove the forward tag from it.

- You can block the calls without notifying the WhatsApp users.

- You can enable the group calls as well.

- You can send the video size up to 50MB in size.

- You can send audio files up to 100MB.

- You can use third-party video players in order to share your video content.

- You can share the videos in your WhatsApp status for up to 7 minutes.

- You'll get tons of font options to choose from. Make sure to change the fonts and set these fonts as per your own choice.

- Automatic replies.

- Antiban option.

- New themes.

- As I already told you, it's the advanced version of the GBWhatsApp. Make sure, you can make the group video calls with a lot of people at the same time.

- It's an anti-ban WhatsApp. This means, no matter whatever you're doing, you'll never get a ban on using the application.

- DELTA WhatsApp offers an advanced backup feature. This means, for the precious chats you don't need to take tension. Just enable the backup and it'll auto-backup all the WhatsApp chats including the files as well.

- You can choose from different icons. Make sure to select from a number of the icon and make others confused whether you're really using WhatsApp or not.

- Make sure, as other third-party applications can bring the malware and spyware in your device but this one application you can trust 100%. I'm not promoting the application and not even saying that you should blindly trust any third-party application. You should never share anything personal with these applications because these applications can steal the information and can breach the data.

- Make sure this MOD application supports multiple languages and now you can translate the things as per your choice.

- You can't even customize the CHAT ICON, you can even customize the floating notification bar as well. You can decide the notification bar color, you can customize the color of the bubble and lots of other customization as well.

These are some of the basic features that you'll expect in the GBWhatsApp DELTA application. Make sure to download and install and leverage all the features for free.

Now, the question is what are the basic requirements in order to download and install the application. Well, read the article and you'll get the direct answer to this question.

Basic requirements:

In case, if you want to download and install the APK then you must need to take care of some basic guidelines. These requirements or guidelines will help you to understand whether you should download it or not.

- You must need to have at least Android 2.2.

- If you want to download and install the APK then you need to enable the UNKNOWN SOURCES from your device security settings.

- You should clear the background applications and games if there is running something like these because it can slow down the process of the installation or it can abort it.

- If you have WhatsApp installed on your device and you're using it then you should take a backup first and then proceed.

These are some of the basic requirements that you must need to have. Now, let's move further and I'll explain how you can download and install the APK.

Make sure to stay with me and read the article carefully.

Download and installation:

If you want to download and install the APK then you need to take care of some basic steps. Make sure to carefully read these steps and you're good to go.

- First, you need to click on the download button, which you'll find at the top. When you'll click on that then it'll ask you to download the APK. Make sure to download it.

- Once it'll download, now, you need to install the APK and it'll ask you to enable the UNKNOWN SOURCES. Make sure to enable it.

- Now, you need to install the application and you're ready to make an account if you don't have one.

These are the basic steps that you should make in order to download and installation of the APK. If you have any questions or anything you want to suggest in these steps then you should ask.

Bottom lines:

GBWhatsApp DELAT is nothing special but a modified version of the GBWhatsApp.

You'll get some extra functionality that you may not find in the GBWhatsApp. Make sure to download and install the APK from the third-party website like you're right now.

But care should be taken that you should use the MODDED applications for just having fun and never take them seriously. Never share anything personal with these applications.

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